About Lessons


Grocery Store Tours

Become an empowered shopper! Learn about healthy options when buying your groceries. Which aisles have the healthiest foods, how to shop on a budget, how to read labels and portion sizes are just a few things you will learn in this fun and informative hour. 

There are dozens of new products being manufactured everyday. Take a tour and sort the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. By the time we are finished you will know how to read labels, understand good and bad fats, the different charbohydrate groups, the best choices for protein and where to find them all at your store. We will even evaluate the 'healthy' packaged food so you can make convenient choices when time is limited.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Learning to cook healthy options is easy and delicious - even budget friendly. With a few good recipes and some awesome techniques you will rule the kitchen while enjoying optimum health for you, your family and friends. Recipes and meal plans included. Price is based on two people.


Combine this lesson with a tour of your grocery store and we can shop and cook together!

Corporate Wellness

A healthy lifestyle is integral to work place productivity. Studies show a decline in the work place without it. Let me teach your employees how to live well despite a stressful and hectic environment.


Available for seminars, workshops, Lunch and Learns. 


Topics can include:


  • Nutrition In Your Life

  • Abundant Energy Sunrise to Sunset

  • Eating For Sports Training

  • Building a Healthy Lunchbox

  • Deciphering Nutrition Labeling

  • Good Fats, Bad Fats

  • Be A Rock Star Grocery Shopper

  • Successful Eating Away From Home

  • Healthy Heart Happiness

  • Metabolic Syndrome. Have you been diagnosed?